Monday, April 27, 2015

Norma Jean Baker, Silent Disco, and Bad Neighbors

a through or dramatic change in form or appearance; metamorphosis

Norma Jean Baker  

On Friday, April 24, 2015, your Ms. Brown attended an event at the Monroe Lounge in San Francisco. When I think of the event, nothing strikes me more profoundly than the word transformation. With transformation, through a nuclear process, an element can change from one form to another, a caterpillar undergoes a metamorphosis to a butterfly, and cute home town girl Norma Jean Baker became bombshell icon Marilyn Monroe. And, so it is with the Monroe Lounge. Prior to 2011, the Monroe Lounge was a place known as the Dragon Bar. The Dragon Bar was a somewhere you went to if you wanted your feet smashed and your night ruined. ( seriously, there were stories of women performing  fellatio on the doorman just to not have to pay the cover. Classy place, I know)  In 2011, the Monroe came under new ownership and went through a  dynamic transition . Charles Doell of Mister Important Design redesigned the interior.  Mr Important Design is a concept and interior firm with an ebullient and eclectic perspective. They are known for designing exuberant interiors that are created to be remembered and talked about. Some of their clients include the W Hotel , Playboy International, Hard Rock Hotels as well as projects in Dubai, Mumbai, London and throughout the United States. The Monroe is an outstanding example of Old Hollywood style that is glamorous, true to the period and contemporary with out being unapproachable or stuffy. Although the Monroe is not an overly large venue, I found the space and size to be just right. ( Loved the patio!) The drinks were affordable and bartenders were readily available with friendly laid back attitudes. The atmosphere is just as vivacious, playful and entertaining as Miss Marilyn Monroe herself. You can find information on the Monroe here

Some of the striking wall art at the Monroe Lounge.

Silent Disco

Now, let's get to another transformation. I'm speaking of the reason that brought me to the Monroe  Lounge, namely, Quiet Clubbing. Quiet Clubbing has undergone it's own transformation. In Europe, it is known as " Silent Disco". William Petz, the entrepreneur who brought Silent Disco to the the United States first experienced it on a Caribbean Cruise and initially didn't think that he would enjoy it( probably has something to do with the name. No one goes to anything named Disco in the States.).But, as you can probably guess, in spite of the name, he had a blast! The concept was tweaked, rebranded and caterpillar Silent Disco became butterfly, Quiet Clubbing. The idea is truly unique. Quiet clubbing is a live music event where three DJ's spin different genres which are  streamed through wireless headphones. Glowing colored LED lights indicate which station someone is listening to. If you don't like a song, try another station. If you want to have a conversation with the cutie standing next to you, you can do so without screaming and actually hear and understand each other. Best of all, you as the party goer control the volume and are able to give real time feedback to the DJ by simply switching stations. If a D.J. doesn't see his color on the dance floor, he knows that he better up his game. Despite noise ordinances, ,clubs, bars, private residences, roof tops and out door venues can now host parties without fear of the neighbors complaining or the police showing up. Now, don't be fooled. People enjoying themselves make noise. The quiet is not absolute. But, there is no window rattling bass that prevents you from sleeping or watching Empire in peace. So, how can you have your own Quiet Clubbing event? There is a rental process where you can order individual head sets via mail. The head set rental is five dollars per unit. The set up is extremely easy and user friendly. You can just hook up an Ipod  or any music player and dance away. The company can provide DJ's   at additional cost if you are in San Francisco or New York ( they have access to over fifty.) however, most people who do  private parties use their own D.J. or play music through an ipod or an ipad. ( If you are still concerned about how to operate the system, go get an eight year old,  they are all technology experts and I'm sure would be happy to help you out.) Let me just say that Quiet Clubbing was Da Bomb! I loved it . I honestly can't remember when the last time was that I've had so much fun! You must try it! I enjoyed D.J. Blue Joe Quijano the most. But all of the DJ's were fabulous and had listeners. You can find more information about Quiet Clubbing  here

Here are some photos of folks having a blast at the event!

 This couple has lived in San Francisco for just over a year and the wife in the photo is nine months pregnant! She was due the day after the event! They're from Belgium.
 Folks grooving with Old Hollywood as a backdrop.

Girls night out!

Coffy Brown and DJ Joe Quijano! Aka- DJ Blue

Bad Neighbors

I just wish that I had known about Quiet Clubbing a few weeks ago.  My  next door neighbors wouldn't have had to move. They enjoyed having loud parties. ( "Somebody" placed  an ad on Craigslist claiming to be them. In the ad they stated that they practiced Witchcraft, Idolatry and openly socialized with democrats. But...they wanted to know Jesus. It requested that good God fearing Christians come by for prayer and bible study any day of the week between 2am and 5am and listed their name, phone, number and address. The ad also stated that if no one answered the door, they were fine with hearing the Gospel of Jesus Christ from their front lawn.) I would go out and serve the extra caffeine Jet Fuel coffee along with  bagels to the folks who visited and once they were good and comfortable with shouting The Word from a bullhorn, I'd go inside the house and call the police.My neighbors didn't stay long after that. ( You're not going to believe this, but some of the folks who showed up to preach at 2am  were CRAZY.) In any case, I have to run. I've got an early morning tomorrow. Reverend Billy and the Choir of the Stop Shopping are coming by to pay my neighbors across the street a visit. They're trying to run a car wash from their house and using my driveway to park the cars waiting to be serviced. ( I told Reverend Billy about their whore mongering consumerism and he agreed that it was an abomination. He can't wait to get here.)  So, until next time.... 

Keep It Hot and Sweet!
Ms. Brown

Here's a clip of Reverend Billy:

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Whispering...Quiet Clubbing...

People have always said that Ms. Brown marched to the beat of her own drum. ( They've honestly said that I marched to the beat of my own marching band., but hey, haters gonna hate.) However, the latest trend in clubbing might be tailor made for me. What is it? Quiet Clubbing! Quiet clubbing is a cutting edge new way to party! Partiers receive a set of headphones at the door of the event, via radio frequency, each headset can be tuned to one of three live D.J Stations. The headsets are also equipped with three colors of LED lights that  indicate which of the three stations party goers are listening to. The individual controls the volume and the station.  Want to flirt with the cutie across the way? Just take the headphones off. Instead of having to yell to communicate, you can actually hear each other. Trying to make new friends? Your tribe probably has the same color emitting from their head phones as you. And, best of all, you have the option of giving the D.J. real time feed back by changing the station if you don't like what they are playing. If they look out on the dance floor and don't see their color, that means that they need to up their game.Quiet Clubbing  was created in Europe. There, it was called Silent Disco. Of course, few people under sixty are going to attend anything named disco here in the states. So, the name was changed and extra D. J.s were added.

Quiet Clubbing will be returning to San Francisco tomorrow night.. The party is going down at the Old Hollywood style Monroe night club. ( named after Marilyn). Three D.J.s will be spinning Hip Hop, Electronic Dance Music, and throw backs from the 80's and 90's. The Monroe is located at 473 Broadway in San Francisco. The entrance cost is $15.00 at the door or $7.50 on Goldstar ( what I paid). I'm looking forward to not leaving the club with hurt ears and a sore throat! Don't tell anyone, but if this works, it may just be the wave of the future. Shhhh....

Quiet Regards,
Ms. Brown

P.S. I'm posting one of my favorite songs from the Whispers just because I think it's fits this post! Lol. And yes, I went old school!

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Killer Heels and Various Other Syndromes

On Tuesday, April 14, 2014, your Ms. Brown attended a lecture aptly titled, “Killer Heels- a History, Images, and Film look at Fashion’s Most Provocative Accessory. The Event took place at the Jewish Community Center of San Francisco, and Nordstrom was nice enough to bring some of their most provocative killer heels, along with some Champagne.  Although I thought that the Nordstrom display was a little heavy on the Louboutin’s, I thoroughly enjoyed the event.  Just a note, Christian Louboutin was not the person who invented the red bottom shoe. King Louis the 14th wore only red bottom shoes and demanded that the rest of the court at Versailles do the same. There are three basic forms of high heel and EVERY high heel is a version of one of these  three archetypes. They are: the wedge, the platform, and the stiletto.  Of the three of these, I found myself most fascinated with the stiletto, as such, I decided to make our love /hate/covet/despise relationship with the stiletto the focus of this post.

Marilyn Monroe once said, “I don’t know who invented the high heel, but we women owe him a lot.’ I know when you read that quote; you’re thinking the exact same thing that I’m thinking. That’s right. Textbook case of Stockholm syndrome. Stockholm syndrome or capture-bonding is a psychological phenomenon is which hostages express empathy, sympathy and have positive feelings toward their captors, sometimes to the point of defending and identifying with the with them. When it comes to a sexy sculptural stiletto, we women stand glassy eyed and vacant just like Tom Cruise at a Scientology convention.  The shoes ache and hurt are bad for our backs and posture, yet we pay exorbitant amounts of money to be in possession of the latest red bottom or Jimmy Chu. Now, don’t get me wrong, I do it too. When it comes to a sexy stiletto, I am indeed your sister in the struggle. (Cue group therapy theme song. all together now! You are not alone… I am here with you… Michael Jackson sure knew how to sing about dysfunction and make it pretty. Yet another thing for which we can thank Joe. ) Christian Louboutin says,” I would hate to have someone look at my shoes and say, Oh, my God, they look so comfortable!” See, they know that they are torturing us, but they hold us hostage anyway and we stand in line at the Mall just for the privilege of allowing them to do it.  In fact, a 100 pound woman in high heels exerts more pressure per square inch when walking than a six thousand pound elephant. The more you weigh, the greater the pressure. (Maybe Mr. Disney was thinking of us when he named Dumbo.) 

Now, the next phase of our collective psychosis is Helsinki Syndrome.  Helsinki syndrome is actually a case of group think and intentional blindness to the negative in order to achieve some perceived benefit. For us women, we collectively ignore the pain and discomfort of the stiletto and make people rich creating coping mechanisms for us to be able to walk in them successfully without pain. (Let’s be real, there is no way that the human body can exert the same force as a walking elephant and not feel pain. But hey, why bother with reality when the delusion is sooo  comforting.) There are  tips and tricks such as, taping your third and fourth toe together with medical tape in order to take pressure off of the ball of your foot while walking. In  theory , this should make the shoe more comfortable. There is Victor Chan, a former shoe designer for Ralph Lauren who has branded himself, “The Stiletto Whisperer”. He charges $ 50.00 per session to teach women how to walk in high heels. (The classes are only offered in New York. Sorry.) But, you can view a  video here (You’re welcome.) And finally, there is a product called “Heel No Pain’ a spray that claims to relieve the pain associated with high heels for up to three hours per application. It uses the medical numbing agent Lidocane HCI. (I haven’t tried it. I’m waiting for the upgraded version that comes with a morphine drip.) But, remember, above all else, no matter how much it hurts when you’re walking, Relax, Your, Face. You can find a video of supermodels showing just how it's done below.

Now for the last in the series,  there is what in my opinion is the most interesting in our obsession with the stiletto—Lima Syndrome. In Lima Syndrome, abductors (men and sometimes women shoe designers) develop sympathy and an erotic fascination with their captives. (Okay, so, the erotic fascination part of Lima Syndrome isn’t exactly true, but everyone knows that if the situation doesn’t fit the facts, just alter the facts.  What? No one has ever heard of Enron or Deloite and Touche?  Just as an aside, any time accounting is described as " Bold and Innovative" it actually translates into two very intricate and complex accounting terms that they use in the business and finance world. They are called stealing and lying.) Back to what we were discussing, although men design and create stilettos and enforce a paradigm that encourages us to ignore the fact that stilettos are in fact the anti- Christ, in Lima Syndrome; men are actually captivated and helplessly drawn to the very objects that they use to oppress and control us. Case in point, Foot Night at Club Joie in Los Angeles. Every few months for the past twelve years, the hottest ladies come out and allow their feet to be fondled, massaged, and lovingly caressed. Although feet that are dirty and smelly have their own special following, hot ladies whose feet are enclosed in pantyhose and Stilettos seem to garner the most attention. (By the way, in their advertisement, they mention the dirty and smelly feet right before the “delicious buffet”. Not the best product placement in my view, but, whatever works.) Men, or occasionally couples pay twenty dollars for every ten minutes of female foot related activities. Foot models at the event generally pull in sixty to three hundred dollars per night. Don’t think I’m serious? Check out these photos of Miss Foot night 2015. (Please take note of the pink Stilettos. I think that’s what pushed her over the edge to victory after she aced the talent competition.)

 If a sixty dollar per night foot party is not your forte or you’re interested in a home based business, let me call your attention to EBay. As of Thursday of last week, there were twenty –three pairs of used (Ahem...yes,  used means exactly what you think it means. WORN ) pantyhose up for sale on the site. The panty hose listed for sale below were the only ones with bids.  Seven men placed twenty-seven   bids for these hose and they  ultimately sold for $32.00 plus $3.00 shipping. Interestingly, this item is  the only one in which the ad depicts a woman in pantyhose AND Stiletto heels.  Clearly, opportunities for stilettos and the men who love/ obsess over them abound.

 But, don’t despair. There is hope. The treatment for Stockholm, Helsinki, and Lima Syndrome is very similar to the treatment for addiction. Often, medication and psychotherapy are prescribed.   I have created a  dynamic cutting edge twelve step program called "Retail Therapy". ( Catchy...I know.) Feel free to schedule with me for a session! I have to run now! Spirituality and faith are a huge part of recovery and I'm meeting the support group down at Sak's for a "Shopping in the name of Jesus" workshop. ( Hallelujah!) Talk to you soon!

Solely Yours (Pun Intended),

Ms Brown

Monday, April 20, 2015

OPEN CASTING CALL ( Yes, Seriously and the part is paid)

New television drama " Mission Local" is looking to cast six leads, supporting roles, and background extras for its plot episode. The production will be accepting Union and Non-Union submissions. No experience necessary. Each role will be cast with no preference toward age, race, or gender.

94110 imagines the story of six leading technology executives living learning and loving together in San Francisco's Mission District.94110 production is scheduled on location in San Francisco for summer 2015. There is no payment for the casting call, payment upon production.

The Casting Call takes place Saturday, May 16, 2015 and Sunday, may 17, 2015 from 11-5:30 PM.

Location is SFAQ [Project Space]
449 O'Farrell St.
 San Francisco, Ca 94102
For additional info Contact:

Now, many of you may not know that the multi-faceted Ms. Brown is also a thespian. I act in community theater from time to time as a hobby, so, I won't be there looking to quit my day job.However,  I will be there auditioning on Sunday, May 17, 2015. and writing about the experience is this blog. If you see me, please say hello and tell me a bit about yourself. I am interested in featuring some of the folks auditioning in this blog.

Break a Leg,

Ms. Brown

Friday, April 17, 2015

Eargasms and Eyegasms!

Last night, your Ms. Brown attended the Monthly Piedmont Avenue Stroll in Oakland. The Piedmont Avenue Stroll occurs on every third Thursday of the Month and is a wonderful way to support local artists and independent businesses within the Oakland Community. Attendees experience a variety of art, music, trunk shows and much more while supporting local restaurants, salons and retail stores.  Last night, I was privileged to hear the music of performer  Augusta Lee Collins. Collins is a born and bred blues artist from the San Francisco Bay Area. He jokingly says that he is from the south. And then clarifies, by saying South Fillmore &Eddy in San Francisco. To understand Collins’ story, you have to understand a bit about the blues. When you think of the blues, you think about hardship, betrayal and disappointment. You lose your job, your dog dies, someone takes your Facebook photo and uses it in an ad for a transsexual porn site in the Czech Republic. You know; the regular stuff.  (Hey, don’t blame me! I want to force them to take it down but I don’t speak Czech.! Besides, I have better pictures, so the joke’s on them!)

While blues lyrics often deal with individual misfortune, the music itself goes far beyond self-pity. The blues is also about overcoming hard luck, self expression, releasing frustration, letting your hair down, and simply having fun. The best blues is intuitive, therapeutic, and arousing. From unrestrained elation to  infinite misery, no form of music communicates more authentic emotion.
This brings me full circle to Augusta Lee Collins. Collins has experienced his fair share of hardship. He has been homeless and dare I say it, used alcohol as one of his favorite food groups at one point in his life. In spite of those things, he has always used music, specifically the blues to pull flowers out of the cracked concrete of his existence. One day in 2008, while homeless, Collins and his friend were sitting in Old Man’s Park on 10th and Jefferson in Oakland, casually enjoying their favorite beverage when Collins looked at his friend and said,” Aren’t you tired of this way of life?” His friend  heartily agreed and on that day, on that park bench, they wrote’ 1000 miles from nowhere", a poignant blues ballad.   As a result of that song, Collins walked out of Old Man’s Park and never went  back. “1000 Miles from Nowhere” has been critically acclaimed and has one of the baddest guitar riffs you will ever hear. In order to get the full impact of the song, it has to be heard live! And upon hearing it, I assure you that an eargasm will be in your near future. Collins performs throughout the bay area and information on his upcoming shows can be found here.

 The aforementioned musical artist- Augusta lee Collins performed inside  a unique venue. Namely, Lireille- Gallery of Contemporary Jewelry and Art.  Yes, I said gallery. The pieces available for purchase at Lireille are stunning, one of a kind and can only be described as wearable art. The gallery showcases the work of over forty artists.  Lireille goals are twofold. Yes, they are in business and want to sell the works of many accomplished artists, but, they are also dedicated to promoting art jewelry awareness and availability to the general public. . Ideally, the goal is to do this while also pushing creative boundaries with art jewelry.  The prices range from $60 to $6,000 dollars which means that there is an item at Lireille that can fit most budgets. The gallery also presents art jewelry in engagement rings, commitment and wedding bands. If you are someone who prefers design and individuality, Lireille is the place for you! Perhaps you’re getting married and don’t want the cookie cutter wedding sets that you find in the Mall Jewelry store or you have something unique and specific in mind, they can create a custom design. Now,  endorphins are a group of substances in the body that naturally relieve pain. They have a similar chemical structure to morphine.  General thinking is that endorphins are released while laughing, eating chocolate and orgasming. You can now add another endorphin inducing activity to that list. Powerful endorphins scientifically termed as an “eyegasm” are also released when visiting Lireille Gallery of Contemporary Art and Jewelry. Information on their hours of operation can be found here. Well, that’s all for now,

Keep it hot and sweet,
Ms Brown

By the way, here I am wearing some of the outstanding pieces from Lireille in the photos below!

Monday, April 13, 2015

Reach Out and Touch Someone

" A magical and revolutionary device at an unbelievable price"

 In my quest to generate the best reviews that I can, I came across a product that compelled me to "re-think possible". I honestly don't think"sexting" will ever be the same! What is this "Solution for a Small Planet" ?  I am speaking  of course about the blue Motion Long Distance Couples Vibrator by OhMiBod. It's a tech enabled remote wireless vibrator controlled by Blue-Tooth connection to your smart phone ( with an app for both the iPhone and Android.). It allows a user to control the device from afar-- twenty-six feet if you're using the Blue Tooth connection and anywhere in the world via WI-Fi.  The vibrator comes with pre-set vibrational patterns, but you can also tap and record new patterns, record audio,and direct the toy to vibrate  to the rhythm of pre-selected music. Instead of using a remote, you control the vibrator by moving your hand around your touch screen phone.. Would you like to see the device in action? Of course you would!  Here's a (tasteful) video!

Once the device is purchased, the code for it can be shared with anyone you choose, anywhere in the world. As long as they have downloaded the app, the device will work.This could be a valuable  item that would allow  many couples who are separated for long periods of time to remain connected. Examples would be people in the military or people in prison. The price is $129.00 which seems like a steal if it saves your marriage.

" Go Places. Google Things"

Now,"making it all make sense". Enough of the  chatter about the latest technology. Let's go antiquing!On Sunday,April 19, 2015, I will be attending the Docent Tour at the Good Vibrations Antique Vibrator Museum. The tour is led by  Curator Dr. Carol Queen.The vibrators in the collection date from the late 1800's to the 1970's. The event is free and although the Museum is open daily,the tour with Dr. Queen only occurs once a month and space must be reserved prior to attending. You can get more information on tickets here. (Let's be clear, the only reason that I am going to an event at Good Vibrations is for all of YOU. I generally don't spend time at places like these and the only reason that I have a frequent buyer discount card from their store is because they have the best moisturizer and my skin is very sensitive! So, get off my back! And, don't call me defensive! Whoosah...) Okay, I'm better now. At present, you should  have all the information that you need to visit the Good Vibrations Antique Vibrator Museum. Or, if  antiques are not your thing and you prefer state of the art technology," Sprint" on down to your local Good Vibrations store  and pick up the "OhmiBod Long Distance Couples Vibrator." You can also " let your fingers do the walking" and find one online. I  hope that you enjoy this new way of  "Mobilizing Your World!".

Can you hear me now,

Ms. Brown

By the way, stay tuned for my next review Killer Heels!

Friday, April 10, 2015

Afro- Beats, Eargasms, and Les Lions! Oh My!

" De reason dat black people in  America and all over de world love so much bass and percussion in their music is because we still hear de African drum.It is how your homeland speaks to you and how you speak lovingly back to her."

Quote from Column a Jamaican Musician I met on a train in  2009

Talking Drums- In Africa, New Guinea and the tropical America, people have used drum telegraphy to communicate with each other from far away for centuries. When European expeditions came into the jungles to explore the primeval forest, they were surprised to find that the message of their coming and their intention was carried through the woods a step in advance of their arrival. A  drum message can be transmitted at the speed of 100 miles in an hour.

Among the famous communication drums are the drums of West Africa , also known as talking drums, specifically from  regions known today as Nigeria and Ghana they spread across West Africa and to America and the Caribbean during the slave trade. There they were banned because they were being used by the slaves to communicate over long distances in a code unknown to their en-slavers. In some cases, messages can be transmitted as rapid beats at the same speed as speech with the rhythm and melody completely matching the equivalent spoken utterance.

Afro-beat -is a combination of traditional Nigerian and Ghanian music, jazz,   funk and chanted vocals,fused with heavy percussion and vocal styles, popularised in Africa in the 1970s. It was created and named by Nigerian multi-instrumentalist  and bandleader Fela Kuti. You may have heard of Fela Kuti,his life was featured in a Broadway play produced by Shawn "Jay Z" Carter and Will and Jada Pinkett-Smith.  Fela used Afrobeat to revolutionize musical structure as well as challenge the oppressive regime in his native Nigeria. It was Kuti who coined the term "Afro-beat" upon his return from a U.S. tour with his group Nigeria '70 . Afro- beat features chants ,vocals, and complex, interacting rhythms.

Eargasms  Now, lets get to the two  topics that you've been waiting for: namely eargasms and Lions! I typically don't mention events that I plan to attend until very near the date the event is scheduled to occur. But, I am captivated  by the singing duo Nico and Vinz and  their album Black Star Elephant.  The two men are from Oslo, Norway and their music features the heavy percussion of  the Afro-beat genre. Nicolay "Nico" Sereba  is of Norwegian- Ivorian decent and Vincent "Vinz" Dery is of Norwegian- Ghanian decent. Whenever I hear the first single from Black Star Elephant entitled " Am I Wrong", I get profound rhythmic waves of pleasure that travel from my ears to my entire body and I just have to dance and move. The percussion in this song is explosive! ( ie: The eargasm. I mean really,  this song is In addition,  the message is amazing. ( Nice to hear a song that's not about bitches, money and how I'm everything that you're not. Know what I'm saying?) 

 Les Lions Now, lets talk about the origin of the album name Black Star Elephant. Interestingly, in Ghana, the people refer to themselves as " Black Stars" and on the Ivory Coast, the people refer to themselves as" Les Elephants/ The Elephants". And, we black people in America refer to ourselves as what?  ( Don't worry, I'll wait.) You know the word that I'm talking about.  "Black Stars" and " Elephants" are such regal proud names that speak to a self love, dignity , and noble, impressive heritage. The word that many African Americans use to describe themselves does not. As such, I move that we rebrand ourselves as " Les Lions/ The Lions" our  creed can be , " The truth is like a lion, you don't have to defend it. Let it loose and it will defend itself."  ( Bad ass, I know.) But, I digress, Nico and Vinz will be performing at  The Independent in San Francisco on Saturday, June 6, 2015. The Independent is a standing room only music venue for those 21 and over. Even though the venue is standing room only, if you call the day prior to the event, they will arrange seating or wheel chair access if you're disabled. The tickets are $25.00. As far as standing room only ,for me, once Nico and Vinz come out , I won't be able to sit anyway. I will have to dance!

In closing, I am posting a link to the you tube video for the single, " Am I Wrong".
 Now, just a word of advice, the first time that you view or listen to it, do so in the privacy of your home. The first time I listened to it, I got put off the bus and they wouldn't even let me get all my stuff. ( And, that was a brand new bra. The guy who caught it didn't seem upset. Sheesh. Some people are so touchy.) Well, that's all for now! Until next time...

Hakuna Matata!,

Ms. Brown

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Life is a Twisted Cabaret

So tomorrow night, I will be attending  Frank Oliver's Twisted Cabaret in San Francisco. The show has toured all over the world earning rave reviews from critics. The New York Times called the show "wickedly funny."  Does that mean that I'm sure to like it? Certainly not. But, it has definitely peaked my curiosity. The basic premise of the show is that the stage is set for the Comedy Variety Show.. The theater is packed, the band is ready ,but the tour bus with all the performers has broken down. Now, performer Frank Olivier must pull off the show of his life and perform all sixteen twisted variety acts. He is aided only by Flynch, his loyal hunchback assistant. The show is described as hilarious and laugh out loud funny.However, it is recommended that in order to get the most enjoyment out of the event, you should have a drink or two and chat a while prior to the show.Of course Ms. Brown recognizes the socially lubricating value of both, a lot of low intensity small talk and a little high quality hard liquor. ( Don't judge me.) As the title of the post says, Life is a misted Gabourey! No wait...Gabourey is that girl who played Precious, right? My dyslexia presents itself  at the oddest times! It seems to only show up after I've had several glasses of wine. I know...crazy right? In any case, Life is a Twisted Cabernet...I mean Cabaret! Talk to you soon!

As always, keep it hot and sweet,

Ms. Brown

P.S.-Just in case you were wondering where the inspiration for my name came from!