Sunday, April 5, 2015

Black Paris Tours and Brown Girl Bloggers!

Many people have been asking me where I got a number of the ideas for my blog. The name is an aggregate of two Pam Grier movies ( Coffy and Foxy Brown). However, I have to say that the initial inspiration came from Ricki Stevenson of Black Paris Tours. I was so amazed by her energy , spirit , courage,and creativity that I wanted to tap into that part of myself. I was also inspired by BlackGirlsRockInc. - a non profit youth empowering and mentoring organization established to promote the arts for young women of color as well as to encourage dialog and analysis of the way women of color are portrayed in the media. There are also brands like One Brown Girl, Brown Girl Collective, Pretty Brown Girl, Brown Girl Magazine,and Brown Girl Dreaming that gave me the impetus to stop dreaming about it and do it!

Later, many of the concrete ideas came from My goal in blogging is NOT to make this blog a business venture.  My goal IS to add my voice in harmony to all the others out there. And as Ray Charles would say,"Make it do what it do!"
Keep on rocking in the free world,
Ms. Brown
Photo of Ricki Stevenson of Black Paris Tours( and I (Ms. Coffy Brown ) Paris November 2014. This was the day that my blog was born
For some reason, I took a photo of my breakfast at the Parisian cafe where I met Ricki to begin the tour.
See anything familiar? (Hint: Cafe au Lait)

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Augusta Lee Collins said...

I just love this photo of you and Ricki