Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Google Plus, Hashtags and Change

So, I was looking at my calendar the other day and realized that I have officially been blogging for three months. I thought that it might be a good idea to reflect, reassess and adjust. So, in the spirit of reflection and growth,  let me tell you what three months of  blogging has taught me. #reflection

1.  Social Media

Blogging takes up a great deal of time. The writing is not time consuming, maintaining a Social Media presence is. Why is a Social Media presence important? Because that is the way that you market yourself . If you want readers, you have to be active on Social Media.  Why are readers important? If I didn't want readers, I would just write diary. I'm writing a blog to share my thoughts with the world. ( by the way. you can find me at @coffy_brown on the twitter, and on Google+ at Just saying...#justsaying

2. Google Plus

 Many people think that Google Plus ( Google's Version of Facebook) is a vast empty wasteland. This may have once been the case, but there is a whole interactive world going on in the land of Google Plus. Millions of people are interacting on it every day. And, because many of the heavy hitters think that it's not worth their time, it's easier for a relatively unknown person like me to get a signal through and have an impact. I even have a couple of groupie stalkers. So, that should tell you that I've arrived.  #groupiestalkers

3. Hash Tags

Okay, perhaps I'm late. But, I never fully understood the importance of a hash tag until I had to figure out how to get more people to read my content. It's easy.  Always use a hash tags after your posts. That is how people searching for the topic you're writing about locate you. #alwaysuseahashtag  #always

4. Social Pleasantries and Rhetorical Questions

You know how people sometimes walk up to you and say, " Hi, how are you?" It's just a social pleasantry. They don't really want to know how you are. Well, the same can be said for event coordinators and businesses that encourage you to email them with questions on their website or events page. They have the email addresses listed on the website, but anything you send them goes into a black hole never to be seen or heard of again. And, it is certainly never responded to. #crickets

5. Klout-

 Klout is a website that measures Social Media Influence. The more influence that you have on social media, the higher your score. Everyone says that your Klout score doesn't matter. But, mine has been mentioned to me more than once by people and businesses that I'm blogging about. and of course, I'm savvy enough to know that the reason it keeps coming up is because it's insignificant. #NOT

6. Blog Names

So, I've been reading a great deal about blogging and one of the things I've noticed is that most blogs have short catchy names. Now, mine is long on the catchy side, but there are some opportunities for evolution and enhancement with regard to the short issue. So, in the spirit of reflection and evaluation, I have decided to shorten the blog name.. I had planned to do it after a year, but everything I've read says that I should do it as early on as possible. #changeisgood

7. Business Cards

Don't purchase too many business cards when you first start a project.  You will be stuck with them if you decide to re-vamp the name. #teachablemoment

So, I think that ends my reflective phase. Onward and upward. I'll be talking to you soon! Oh! I bet all of you were waiting for the new blog name. Okay. Well, henceforth, (well, actually tomorrow) Around Town with Ms Coffy Brown shall be known as Uptown Coffy Brown. Both of the names have web addresses that work. If you go to the previous address, it will simply forward you to the new one! Well, now, I think that it's time that I signed off. Lots of work to do for tomorrow!

#KeepItHotAndSweet ,


P. S. The photo at the top really doesn't correspond with the post. I just thought that it was badass. #HBIC

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