Monday, May 18, 2015

Vintage Clothing Faire, Antiques Faire, and Rock Wall Wine Company

Vintage Clothing Faire

On Saturday, May 16, your Ms. Brown attended a Vintage Fashion Faire at Michaan’s Auction House in Alameda (Michaan’s is located on the old Alameda Naval  Air Base). I have always liked fashion from different eras. As a child I used sneak and watch old movies just to look at the clothes. I say sneak and watch because if my siblings had caught me looking at something that, dare I say it, old, I would have been relentlessly teased. (By the way, Lucille Ball may have acted crazy, but she was the sharpest chick in town on I Love Lucy.) Now, this Faire was no disappointment.  I felt as though I was stepping into a living time capsule! There were over fifty vendors present, selling a vast array of items; mink coats, funky seventies ponchos, and even a feather muffler from 1890. Seriously, both women’s and men’s clothing was available , couture, jewelry, accessories, vintage textiles, McCall’s patterns, and fine linens. I was also pleased to find that there was something there to fit every budget and clothing size.  Ms. Brown is a voluptuous woman ala’ Jane Mansfield, Pam Grier, or America’s Next Top Model contestant Toccara, (prior to her sell out weight loss of course....I’m not bitter.) Sorry, just had to get that little passive aggressive dig in.  Many of the items looked brand new even though they were clearly vintage. (I’m a fashion expert. I can tell the difference between a vintage item and a new item designed to mirror a vintage item. Don’t get it twisted.) There were also a few extra perks that made the Vintage Fashion Faire much more enjoyable. Namely, the free very large Vintage Fashion Faire reusable clothing bag, the wine and champagne bar, (shopping and mimosas, what’s bad?), and the Vintage Costume Contest. Although there were prizes for all entries, the Grand prize was a $100 dollar voucher, good for any booth at the Faire. Some of the ensembles were outstanding.  You will see them pictured below. So, let’s talk about  price. The cost was $5.00 dollars at the door or $2.50 on Goldstar ( what I paid).   Children sixteen and under get in free with a paid adult admission.  Oh, and parking is free! The event only  happens twice a year and the next one will be October 16 &17, 2015.  You can get more information on the Vintage Fashion Faire here. I will be attending and I plan to enter the costume contest. ( I would tell you what I’m wearing but I don’t want the competition
 to get a leg up. )

 Alameda Point Antiques Faire

Now, if you can’t wait until October to attend the Vintage Fashion Faire, but adore all things vintage, let me suggest that  you go antiquing. Michaan’s Auction House presents an Alameda Point Antiques Faire on the first Sunday of Every Month. The Alameda Point Antiques Faire is the largest antiques show in Northern California. It boasts over eight hundred dealer booths and all items for sale are twenty years or older. You can shop for vintage and antique home decorations, clothing, furniture, jewelry, art, pottery, books, and collectibles. There is no admission fee and both free parking and shuttles are available. Also, the event is family friendly.  The next Antique Faire is Sunday June 7, 2015. You can find more information here. Now, if you think that Antiques are out of your budget, Michaans holds regular auctions, I checked the selling prices for their last event on May 9, 2015. The least expensive item sold for $153 while the most expensive sold for in excess of $7,000.  Michaans has sold items for prices far in excess of $7,000 dollars. But, I counted fifteen items in their last auction event that sold for under $200 dollars. My only point is that I believe there is something there to fit every budget. Let’s say that you have an item that you  want appraised and the Antiques Road Show on PBS isn’t coming to the Bay Area any time soon. Michaan’s  offers  free verbal appraisals for up to five items every Wednesday, from 10am to 1pm. If an item is too large, you are welcome to bring a photograph. You never know, you may have a vintage treasure in your home sitting in plain view.  

Rock Wall Wine Company

  Speaking of vintage, after antiquing, let me suggest that you  mosey a few feet down the way to the Rock Wall Wine Company Tasting Room and have a sip or two. The tasting fee is $15.00 but is waved with the purchase of a bottle of $25.00 or more per guest. Brought your kids? No worries. The Rock Wall Wine Company tasting room is family friendly: They have games, coloring, and beverages just for the kids. My only suggestion is  that you go antiquing before going wine tasting. ( I had wine before my tour of the Good Vibrations Antique Vibrator Museum and it was…well, I won’t go into specifics, let's just say that  it was no bueno.) Wow, looks like I've given you all the makings of a lovely Sunday afternoon. ( you're welcome.)  That's all the time I have for today. Talk to you soon!

As always, keep it hot and sweet,

Ms. Brown

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